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Zondervan Library: Student Jobs

For the duration of suspended in-person classes, the Zondervan Library will support students and faculty with coursework and projects virtually. This page highlights services, resources, and contacts that you may need or want to explore in the weeks to co

Student Jobs

Student Jobs

Descriptions of Student Jobs in ZL

Student Position Descriptions in Zondervan Library


The Zondervan Library offers several student positions in various areas of service.

Learn more about them on this page and apply when positions are open at the links below.  

Training is provided for each position and previous library experience is not required for employment.

Apply to open positions below.

Archives & Special Collections Student Assistant blurb

Archives & special collections Student Assistant (ASCSA)


The Archives & Special Collections Student Assistant organizes and engages materials within Archives & Special Collections, working closely with the Special Collections & Research Coordinator. Reports to the University Archivist / Assistant Library Director, Special Collections. (3-5 hrs/wk)


Research Assistant blurb

Research Assistant (RA)



The Research Assistant (RA) assists patrons with utilizing library tools to identify and access resources in print and electronically, as well as using library services, like Interlibrary Loan, to access materials not immediately available. This position also fulfills all duties of the CDA position. Reports to the Assistant Library Director, Public Services. (6-12 hrs/wk)


There are no RA positions available at this time.

Institutional Repository Student Assistant blurb

Institutional Respository Student Assistant (IRSA)


The Institutional Repository Student Assistant (IRSA) digitizes historical documents and publications, creates metadata, and provides quality control for content in the institutional repository (IR), Pillars ( Reports to the University Archivist / Assistant Library Director, Special Collections. (5-8 hrs/wk)

Resource Sharing Student Assistant blurb

Resource Sharing Student Assistant (RSSA)


The Resource Sharing Student Assistant (RSSA) works behind the scenes in processing Interlibrary Loan requests from the initial patron request through packaging and labeling materials and more. Reports to the Resource Sharing Coordinator. (5 hrs/wk)




There are no RSSA positions available at this time.

Check Out Desk Assistant blurb

Check Out Desk Assistant (CDA)


The Check Out Desk Assistant (CDA) interfaces with library patrons by assisting with check in/out of materials and equipment, directing patrons to library resources, building staff offices and departments, as well as answering general library questions. Reports to the Circulation Coordinator. (6-12 hrs/wk)




There are no CDA positions available at this time.