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Zondervan Library: Lost Items

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Lost Items

Lost & Misplaced Items

Lost Library Items

Lost & Misplaced Items

Lost & Misplaced Items

Lost Library Items 

Any material that you have borrowed and cannot return is considered lost.

When an item is 4 weeks overdue, it is counted as lost and will be charged directly to your student account. For patrons who are not students, the Circulation Coordinator will contact you. 

If you have questions, please contact the Circulation Coordinator for more information or to address the issue.

Misplaced Personal Items 

If you have misplaced a personal item in the Library, we have two available locations that are Lost & Found areas:

  • The small basket & round table on the Lower level outside the elevator
  • Behind the Check Out desk (for phones, USB drives, and other items that may contain sensitive or personal information)

Inquire at the Check Out desk for any items you do not see in the Lost & Found area by the elevator on the Lower level.

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