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Zondervan Library: Borrowing Equipment

For the duration of suspended in-person classes, the Zondervan Library will support students and faculty with coursework and projects virtually. This page highlights services, resources, and contacts that you may need or want to explore in the weeks to co

Borrowing iPads

Borrowing Equipment



Learn what equipment you can borrow, how to borrow, and access paperwork for borrowing.

When checking out iPads or Laptops you must sign loan agreement forms.

If you have any questions, please contact the Check Out desk.


iPad Lending Terms

Lending Terms


Equipment Lending Policy and Agreement

​Zondervan Library is pleased to provide a variety equipment for circulation.  The following policies refer to the lending/borrowing of the equipment available through the Library. Failing to comply with the Library’s equipment loan policies may result in your equipment privileges being revoked.

  • All users of the Taylor University network infrastructure and University-owned hardware should be aware of and comply with the Acceptable Computer Usage Policy.
  • Equipment may be borrowed by students, faculty, staff, and retirees of Taylor University with a valid University ID. 
  • The loan period for all borrowers is 3 hours (3-hour laptops, headphones), 3 days (3-day laptops, Chromebooks, general equipment), or 1 week (iPads).
  • When returning equipment, patrons must hand the item to a Library employee directly and should never just leave it on the Checkout Desk counter, even if a Library employee is present but assisting another patron.
  • Equipment should never be returned in the book drop.  Any user who places equipment into the drop box will be subject to a $25 fine and all costs associated with damages incurred.
  • When an iPad is returned, all files, programs, and other data stored on the device will be deleted and unrecoverable.  Even if you check out the same iPad later, the apps you installed and the data you stored will not be available.
  • Late fees for laptops, Chromebooks, and iPads are as outlined below:
    • 3-hour laptop:  $5/hour; After 1 day past due date/time, it will be Long Overdue/Lost and patron’s account will be charged $10/day until it is returned.
    • 3-day laptop/Chromebooks: $10/day; After 7 days past due date/time, it will be Long Overdue/Lost and patron’s account will continue to be charged daily until it is returned.
    • 7-day iPad: $10/day; After 7 days past due date/time, it will be Long Overdue/Lost and patron’s account will continue to be charged daily until it is returned.
    • All laptops, Chromebooks, & iPads: All Long Overdue/Lost items will be considered stolen University property and the police department will be notified.
  • The costs to replace a damaged piece of equipment  are itemized below.
    • Repair & replacement costs (damaged equipment must be returned to the Library):
      • Laptops:  Repair cost determined on a case-by-case basis; $600 for replacement
      • Chromebooks:  Repair cost determined on a case-by-case basis; $300 for replacement
      • iPads:  Repair cost determined on a case-by-case basis; $600 for replacement
      • PR 601 Casio Ultra-Slim LED Projector (XJ-A257): Repair cost determined on case-by-case basis; $1275 for replacement
    • Replacement cost for iPad cover or laptop/Chromebook bag:  $40
    • Replacement cost for AC adapter/power cord:  $50

User Agreement

User Agreement


Borrower Agreement

I accept responsibility for:

  • Damage to the equipment intentionally or unintentionally caused by me or another person while it is checked out to my account;
  • Theft of the equipment while it is checked out to my account;
  • Any late fee that I incur for failing to return the equipment promptly before the loan period ends;
  • Any replacement fee or fine incurred due to intentional or unintentional damage, theft, loss, or failure to return.
  • Adhering to any software restrictions placed on the device and to the Taylor University Acceptable Computer Usage Policy.

Computer Usage

Computer Usage Policy


Please visit the University's page outlining the Acceptable Computer Usage Policy for further details.

The Policy's major points are:

  1. All computer and network usage at Taylor University is a part of community life and therefore the Life Together Covenant applies.
  2. All computer and network usage must conform to all University policies and to federal, state, and local law.
  3. Users must only engage in activities within the intended use of their authorized access and the intended use of any system they access. Each shared system will provide specific expectations and priorities of the intended uses for the system. 
  4. Users must be good stewards of the computing and network resources of the University. Each lab and shared system will provide stewardship guidelines for users, as appropriate.
  5. Users of University messaging systems must be considerate of others. Any attempt to send mass messages that are unsolicited and/or not approved by the University is strictly prohibited.
  6. The University reserves the right to limit and regulate any and all usage of its computing equipment and network.
  7. The University reserves the right to pursue disciplinary procedures, up to and including legal action, as required.

Policy effective: January 10, 2001
Date Written/Revised: August 18, 2017