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World Missions Area Studies (REL 432)

This guide is designed to help you locate resources specific to this course and the study of world missions.

Citation Tools [boxes with page title should be floating boxes]

Citation Style & Tools


Find resources for your professor’s preferred citation style and learn about the tools available to help make citing sources faster.

Note!: This is a standard citation guide for this subject, but please verify with your professor about their preferred citation style.

Citation Styles

Citation style

Citation Styles

APA Style Guide Available at ZL

Online Guides for APA Style

These sites offer the extremely useful guidelines on APA style. You will want to use them often.

MLA Style Guide Available at ZL

Online Guides for MLA Style

Visit the sites listed below for excellent resources on general MLA formatting and specific types of citations.

Chicago Style Guide at ZL

Turabian Style Handbook at ZL

Online Guides for Chicago & Turabian Styles

The resources listed below provide invaluable help in navigating both Chicago and Turabian citation styles. 

SBL (Biblical Style) Handbook at ZL
Society of Biblical Literature

Online Help for SBL Citations

In addition to the eBook version of the SBL Handbook, use the following resources to learn more about citing using this style. 

Citation Tools

Citation tools



ZoteroZotero is an extremely useful resource that helps with citation (and full-text article) collection and organization and bibliography/works cited creation.

  • Easy, quick, open-source (Free) citation manager
  • Works with PC/Mac OS's and Firefox, Chrome, Safari browsers 
  • "Reads" citation data on a web page (icon which allows you to save a citation appears in line with address bar in browser)
  • Format citation in any of 8000+ styles available from Zotero
  • Find help: Getting Your Stuff into Zotero



WorldCat Research StationWorldCat offers fast citations for each item located in it, similar to what Google Scholar provides. Always double-check with appropriate citation requirements, pieces of the complete citation are often missing.

  • Search for your resource (book, article, report, etc.)
  • Click on item title
  • Find "Cite/Export" link in upper right portion of record
  • Choose from several styles

Google Scholar

Google Scholar

Google ScholarGoogle Scholar provides quick citations for items found through its database. Double-check provided citations, however. There is typically at least one piece missing from the citation.

  • Easy, quick, no-download-necessary citation grabber
  • Search for your article by title
  • Use "Cite" link below publication information
  • Choose from several styles

Similar to what Google Scholar provides, WorldCat offers a fast citation for each item you locate in it. Always double-check with appropriate citation requirements, however, as pieces of the complete citation are often missing.

Other Citation Tools

Other Citation Tools

Citation toolsOther Citation Tools

Most Library databases have auto-cite features.

If you need help figuring out how to use them, stop by the Ask desk for assistance.




Plagiarism & Citations

When citing, be sure you understand what plagiarism is and isn't.

If you still have questions contact the Writing Center or practice avoiding plagiarism.

Remember, it is better to cite a source than risk plagiarism!

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